I believe in capturing that precious bond between family members. You know, the way your children can’t stop fighting. All. The. Time. Or how about how uncomfortable your partner is about having photos taken?

Despite how chaotic your family my feel at the moment, (believe me, I am in the thick of it with 3 small children myself) these moments are everything. The way your children seem to just fit in your arms so perfectly. The embrace of a father, the smile of a mother, the laugh of a child. These are the memories that are precious to me. Even the kids who refuse to smile and can’t sit still. Those are things worth remembering when your children get older.

Don’t delay your family photos because you “want to lose a few pounds first”, or “wait until child #1’s teeth come back in”. Document your family in the now. Cherish yourself and your bond with those you love despite what life says is “wrong”.

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