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professional local photographer in Akron/Canton Ohio!

Hi, I’m Janae Paciotti!

This is where most people tell you they run on coffee (I don’t) and live for tacos (meh). But that’s just not me.

First, the gooey stuff;

I am married to an amazing man, have 3 sons, and a big (boy) dog named Gus. Which means I am surrounded by a sea of boys. I’m an island. Lone wolf. No wonder I love my job, which so often puts me in the company of other mothers. I absolutely adore all of my boys (husband and dog included) and love being a “boy mom”.

Now, the cooler stuff;

I am a ginger. And I love my auburn red hair! It is a defining part of who I am. I adore babies and children and commiserating with fellow parents about the quirky sides of parenting. If you can keep up with my movie quotes and goober personality we will be best friends.

Finally, the business stuff;

I have been in love with photography for forever. Especially the editing and design side of photography. I bought my first “real” camera in 2011 and spent the next 7 years sporadically taking photos and honing my skills. I started my photography business in the summer of 2018 and have been in love with my journey so far. I am continually learning and honing my craft by taking training courses and attending seminars by the industry’s leading photographers. During my newborn sessions, your child’s safety is my number one thought. I have been professionally trained by fellow newborn photographers in the safety and proper care of newborns during posed sessions.

I am a published photographer with my work being featured in magazines such as Ardent Lens Magazine and Dreamy Magazine.

I am so excited to meet you and document your moments just as they are. Contact me now for your free consultation!


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