There are so many misconceptions about what boudoir photography is all about. And I am sure there are a million different professionals who have different ideas and methods on how to go about boudoir photography.

To me (and the way I run my business), it’s so much more than getting pretty for the camera. Boudoir sessions are a celebration of one’s self. For many, it’s a pivotal moment of empowerment in the way they see themselves. This session is all about self-love, embracing your journey and who you are in this moment. Most of the women who come to me have this photo session for themselves. You don’t need to have a significant other to give these photos to, it can be all about you!

You don’t need to look like a supermodel to have a boudoir photo session. As women, we fulfill so many roles. We are moms, wives, entrepreneurs, and sometimes all at the same time. Regardless of your shape, size, age or color, you deserve to be celebrated! My sessions are designed to make you comfortable in your own skin based on your comfort level. Be it hardly revealing or baring it for the world, your session is custom-designed to fit your ideal style. 


Getting my boudoir photos with Iris Lane Photography was one of the best things I have ever done. Janae was great. She made me feel comfortable and took care of me. We had so much fun exploring poses and outfits. I LOVE the images and have begun to see myself in a new light. I have carried that confidence with me ever since. Although these images started out as a gift for my significant other, they really became about finding myself through a new form of self-expression. Can’t say enough about the amazing experience. 


Thank you SOOOO much Janae for making me feel comfortable again in my own skin. The past year has definitely been one of the hardest years of my life for sure. Being in a relationship where I was literally told that he wished I was skinnier was ROUGH. I would take pictures of myself and not even post because all I could see was the hate. Boudoir pictures are more than just “sexy pictures” it’s about seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes. Someone as talented as Janae that will see the beauty you don’t even see yourself.


I am a 230 pound hot mess most days and I was so nervous to have Janae shoot my session. I questioned if I could look like she has made other women look because of my size, I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to hide the parts of me I don’t like and I was scared I wouldn’t look sexy with rbf…lol. But she assured me that I was beautiful and that the confidence would come through the shoot.
She yelled things at me during my session; “yes”, “you look amazing”, “holy cow you’re gorgeous”…and I started to believe it you guys, I was comfortable in my own skin for the first time in years!!
I had my boudie session with Janae over a month ago and I still look at my pictures almost every day to remind myself that I am beautiful. I still daily feel the confidence I had during our time together. It has changed me for the better. I am more confident in how I feel about myself and I care less about how others see me, or rather I think they see me how Janae saw me and how I saw myself in these photos which in turn, makes me more confident in front of people! I also went and bought my self clothes I would never buy and wear them regularly, being proud of how I look in them!
There are so many things I could keep saying, but this stands alone. Boudior will change your life for the better! Do it!!!!

Thank you Janae for helping me feel confident and beautiful during my shoot! Janae made the whole experience relaxing and fun from start to finish! She walked me through ideas, and poses and guided me every step! My favorite part was the laughter we shared through the shoot! She helped me feel so at ease by verbally complimenting me through the shoot, it helped me start to see my self in a different light than I do on a day to day basis! I love how she captured my best “assets”😂 She has an eye for capturing your best features in her photography!!! I am so blown away by her talent and creativity! This shoot inspired me to show up more confident to my everyday life!
Thank you so much for EMPOWERING me!!

I was SO apprehensive about this shoot with Janae. Not because of Janae. I trust her totally. Because of me, and being comfortable with my body. I’ve had three babies (via c-section) in the last 5 years, and beyond that, I’ve had lifelong self-confidence issues when it comes to my appearance. Aaaaannnddd….. I did not think I could pull off “sexy”! I felt SUPER awkward about trying to be sexy. What should I do with my face? With my hands? Would my feet look weird??? I honestly just did not think I could pull it off!
BUT I shouldn’t have worried! Janae knew exactly what I should do with my face and hands and feet and the rest of me! She posed me in the most flattering ways, and I didn’t have to worry about a thing! I only had a few ideas of my own (I may have a crush on Edgar Allan Poe… see below), but Janae totally embraced them, and then added her own touches to make me feel beautiful! It was fun and easy and I genuinely enjoyed my time with her. No awkwardness, no feeling weird, no feeling fat and ugly.
And the results- wow! I’m amazed. Truly. I love them. I love me in them. I’m having a super hard time waiting until Christmas to show my husband! 
If you are thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, but you feel awkward or self-conscious or like you could never be sexy… do it anyway. You’ll love yourself for it!

Love what you see?

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